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About Me

Hello everyone! I'm currently a Junior at Brea Olinda High school, and this is my website for my current GITA 3 class that I am taking. My current aspirations are for me to major in computer science in college, so taking GITA in high school will already give myself a head start to the subjects they'll talk about in college. I always have dreamed about going to USC because that's where my parents want me to go, but any UC or private school with a good comp sci program and soccer team is fine for me.

About this site

This site is a publisher for all of my work done in GITA 3. GITA 3 is all about flash and its simple design to help people in making animations and games. Flash is good for beginners because it introduces into bigger applications in other softwares (such as maya, unity, blender) that are hugely complicated. All of my projects will be uploaded to this site, so feel free to explore my creations!